August 2013 - Kiwi Tipi

pizza oven

Coming soon to Kiwi Tipi Rentals

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Starting this business from scratch creates an exciting opportunity for me to both build and help build through friends and family to make products that will hopefully make your tipi experience more unique. Idea’s yet to be manufactured are as follows:

Pizza Oven

One of my close friends Tim Valentine owns and operates his own brick laying business, Brickart. One of his skills is building customized pizza ovens and we intend to build a mobile pizza. So imagine the following day after your event your friends and family are still around and you light up the pizza oven and all make and cook your own pizzas, or light it up later on as late night supper, keeping your guests charged to keep the party going.

Hand Crafted Bar

Understanding every good party has a good bar. Through the help of ideas from some of the bars and mobile bars I’ve seen from around the world.  I look forward to designing and building a customized bar to be both practical and functional for Kiwi Tipi Rentals.

Tables and Benches

Using some locally sourced wood, maybe recycled from buildings within Christchurch c will be putting together some funky wooden tables, benches and chairs.

Fireplace with Interchangeable Water Feature

Should your event be in the middle of summer or if you’d rather not the hassle of the firewood for the fireplace which is available now maybe you’d prefer a small water feature within your event? Once designed and built pictures will be available.

Luxury trailer toilets

Lifting the standard of portable toilets Kiwi Tipi Rentals will be introducing a trailer with flushing toilets and running water inside.

Dance floor

For all those first dances and break dancers out there we’ll soon be able to offer a dance floor like no other. We can’t unfortunately offer dance lessons or promise you that you’ll dance better on it!

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Where it all started…

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I first laid eyes on the brand Tentipi at an outdoor exhibition in Perth, Scotland. Where a distributor of their camping range tipis had one up on display….. well, I just had to have one! About a year later I purchased my first tipi and I just so happened to be in between flats at the time. So I decided to live in my very own canvas castle on my friends lifestyle block, just east of Edinburgh.

After discovering Tentipi’s event range of tipis my good friend Shona then decided to utilize their lifestyle block of land and host her wedding in three giant Nordic tipis. A few days before Mark and Shona’s big day the crew came and set up their wedding venue right on my front door, whilst I watched the poles go up and the canvas get pulled over I started pondering on the idea of whether or not these magnificent structures had found their way to NZ yet.

They got married the 30 July 2011 and I’m very excited and happy to say that two years later I can welcome two giant Nordic tipis to our shores!

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