Our Nordic Tipis


Get close to nature… Far from the tipis ancient roots as a simple structure of branches and animal hides, our giant event sized Nordic tipis are made using 100 year old slow grown spruce and custom made canvas, designed to meet the needs of a range of sites and weather conditions. But, true to the original designs our tipis still have an opening at the top for temperature control and allow smoke from the fire pit to escape, creating a warm, homely atmosphere.


Event Sized Tipis

Want to stand out from the crowd? Tipis create a point of difference, providing plenty of shade and with the option to add in an open fire who wouldn’t want to spend some time relaxing or partying in a tipi! 

Tight on space?

Tipis are a nonagon, meaning they have nine sides. A single tipi with its sides down is 10.3m across or with sides up 13m across. Depending on your furniture requirements a single tipi can host around 48 guests for a seated dinner or having enough standing room for up to 90.

Need more room?

Double up! Join two tipis together to host events of up to 120 guests seated or 200 standing. There’s plenty of space whether you have the sides down (20.4m x 10.3m) or sides up (23.1m x 13m)

Jasmine & Kelvin

C&J Tipi Photo


We know each event is as unique as a fingerprint and it is important that you get the right mix of products to suit your needs. To find out more about our product range click below.

Our Products

We can provide you with the setting and furniture but we leave the decorating up to you. For style inspiration from our tipi events, and tipi events all over the world check out our Pinterest boards.

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